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Kayak Fishing the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Beyond

Kayak Fishing 101

All the info you need to know to get into kayak fishing.

Fishing Regulations

Maryland | Virginia | Delaware | Pennsylvania

Bay Bridge (Sandy Point) info: Wind Forecast  |  Tides  |  Currents  |  Buoy Data (water temp, salinity, etc.)

SnaggedLine (Maryland Kayak Fishing Forum) (aka. MKF) is a dynamic and highly active kayak fishing forum for the MD, DC, VA area, and is also a CBKA sponsor. The friendly and helpful nature of its members make it one of the best informational sites for both rookies and veteran kayak anglers. Check it out at

Interstate Kayak Fishing
Hardcore kayak fishing addicts share their knowledge and experience in fishing the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. Reading their well-written articles and fishing reports can clue you in to fishing techniques, patterns and hot spots.
Check it out here:

The Hobie Life
Check out Matt Baden's site, The Hobie Life, for kayak fishing reports, information , tips and product reviews. Matt is a Hobie Fishing Team Member, founder of the MAKBF kayak bass fishing tournament series and a CBKA Director. The adventure begins at

Chesapeake Light Tackle
Shawn Kimbro's web site and book are full of insightful tips on fishing the Bay Bridge for stripers. Specifically, check out his article on Light Tackle Techniques for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and various other articles and reports related to fishing the Bay Bridge. Shawn is also a CBKA sponsor.

Kayak Kevin
If you don't know who Kayak Kevin is, you've been fishing under a rock. In addition to being a really cool guy and CBKA sponsor, Kevin is the first all-kayak-caught Master Angler in Virginia, and creator of several instructional and inspirational kayak fishing videos. Though he mostly fishes the southern Chesapeake Bay, many of his techniques can be applied to the mid-bay area. Check out his site at